Thursday, November 17, 2005

A Fresh Aproach

I’m on to day 3 of my radical move to organize and promote my blogs, and websites. I have the first part of my code base for up in place, with a really simple post comming out of the database.

I was tempted to use ruby on rails, and then cake (A PHP ‘rails’ clone) but I like the control I have by doing it all by hand – I want to do some pretty complex things down the line, and I’m more comfortable when I know how all the code is working end to end.

It’s like that I’ll use ruby on rails for one of the “satilite” blogs though, once the whole network starts to build up.

So at the moment, my blogging flow is a little slow – but, it’s building back up and the foundations of my new mini empire are forming, so I’m hopeful about where I’ll end up in the next few weeks.