Thursday, September 08, 2005

GTD - From Fad to Function

I spend so much time reading up articles about how to be more productive and organized, I really don’t have time to actually do anything!

Okay, that’s not totally true – but the there is certainly a very particular brand of procrastination that comes alone with ideas such as “Getting Things Done” that is particularly common on the internet within blogging and social network sites. – Everyone clearly has a desire to achive great things, to get the most out of every waking minuet, to free them selves from the stress that the cluttered masses around them is burried under.

But in truth, I suspect most people never really achive it. In fact, I think it’s a fad that will pass sooner or later, and only when the fad has passed will it power a second age of true productivity. There is so much information right now its very difficult to consume it all, and the fact is I don’t have the energy to ’’do’’ anything about it alot of the time, but I can sit down and read about been more productive – after all, it must be good for something, right?

Well, maybe.. But in truth I know it’s not really changing my life in the background I’m slowly and surely preparing to have a system, some days it comes in leaps and bounds, other days I feel like it’s not working and try something else. Each article I read prompting another change, or not depending on if I agree with the surgestions, or think they are just a pipe of rubbish.

At some point, I will find my self with a system I am happy with, it will have evolved into another failed system that captures only a moment of my time, and I’ll stop reading the articles with such hunger for that magic solution, and finally settle into Getting Things Done my way.

Monday, September 05, 2005

More Poi for Me!!

I spent a fair amount of time with my oldest brother, and little sister this weekend spinnng Poi, exchanging moves and such, and so fine tuned my collection somewhat.

Though I still can’t do any of the more complex weaves, I’m planning on picking up a “learn Poi” DVD for my birthday next month, along with some glowing Poi. So that should really help me tidy up tricks a lot, just reading about moves, or seeing what works in the back yard is one thing, but having a visual reference makes all the difference.

As it is now, it’s very difficult to tell the difference between moving my motions into a new move – or if it’s the same old move, and I’m just flailing my arms wildly.

But hey, as long as it looks good ;o)

Still, I’m managing to get at least 15 mins of practice every couple of days, while the weather is still good (on and off) and actually, as it gets cooler in an evening it actually helps a bit, but once the weather really turns, it’ll be a case of stealing what odd moments I can I think.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

The Joy of TiddlyWiki

There was a time that I really didn’t like wikis, they looked ugly, messy, disorganised and unfocused.

Which actually of most of the wiki implimentations I had seen, was true. But my blanket apraisal of all wikis based on the few I had seen turns out to be wrong. In particular, I’ve started using pretty heavily the stand alone Javascript based TiddlyWiki variant YetAnotherTiddlyWikiAdaptation it’s a single HTML page you keep locally and view in a browser, and this version came with most of the plugins I wanted actually working Including the ability to encypt some of the entries.

Now, I know the encryption won’t stand up to much at the mercy of a determind cracker, but it does mean should I lose the USB key drive it sits on, some scally can’t access my stuff on a whim, and that to me is about the level of security I need. I did for a time use a PGP secure drive on it, but its so much hassle, and not very portable. So since I’m only keeping ‘low level’ passwords, usually sites I log into once a month or less rather then systems passwords or banking details.

On top of the security features, there are some very nice features such as been able to create ‘tabbed frames’ of content, and dynamically create lists based on a tag. So now all my “Next Actions” get the tag “nextaction” and I get a handy list of them all. Another list for “Waiting For”, and another for single “ToDo” items.

I also have another version at work I use for documentation, particularly now every time someone asks me how to use one of my systems, I add documentation about it as well. – So maybe one day I’ll be able to take a holiday without getting a single call from work. ... Maybe.