Monday, August 29, 2005

Festival: CreamFields

Creamfields each year now pretty much closes of summer for me, with mixed feelings. This year it was a great night out, the weather was just right for dancing pretty much 9 hours, and Faithless were amazing live, but for me while most of the set was great and uplifting, the two anti-war bits they did ("Weapon of Mass destruction" and some other little ditty) just didn't sit with the flow of as a whole, and was a bit of a downner. Besides Faithless, I couldn't really say who I saw, just wondered into a tent when I heard something I liked, danced while I felt like, and then headed off to find something else and get a bit of fresh air.

So good, with great moments, but nothing outstanding. - Faithless could have been, but as I said, the set didn't flow right for me. Still, I'll probably go again next year.