Thursday, August 25, 2005

Movie: Serenity Advanced Screening! (NonSpoiler)

Last night was very special, myself and a handful of friends got the chance to see a special advanced screening of Joss Whedon's FireFly movie, "Serenity". Not only did we see the film six weeks before general release, but at the start of the film there was a short intro from Joss, which went along the lines of "Thanks for all your support that got the film made, tell all your friends about the film so we can make more." and following the film there Gina Torres and Adam Baldwin were present for a stand up Q&A with the audience.

The intro alone was unexpected, but having a couple of the stars there as well was such a bonus. The questions asked ranged from good solid ones, to cringe worthy comic book geek questions. You could see they were taking it all in their stride, and with the more reasonable questions in good humor, but there were moments where you really felt sorry for them to have to confront the more extream geekyness.

So, as for the film - It was everything I hoped it to be, it moves at a great speed, has tons of action that mixes with the wordcrafting of Joss perfectly. From a FireFly fan point of view, you can see how the plot of the first season could have developed, yet you don't need to know the series to enjoy the film. Yes, there are moments where you know there is history to a situation, and in a way, if those situations were in a film that was truely stand alone, you might critize it for not been fleshed out enough. But based on the crowd I was with, the non fans had no issue with those bits, in fact, if anything it made them want to see the series. And the missing knowledge had no impact on the story its self.

Since I'm trying not to spoil anything of the film, all I can say is go and see it, as a fan you won't be disapointed, and as a non-fan, it's an amazing sci-fi action movie that doesn't follow the same old tired plots, the set-action is stunning and the script inteligent and witty, and in parts, darkly so.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Summers End

The last few months have been really insane both work, and at home for one reason or another, and it seems just as I think I can settle back into a pattern, something else crops up.

But now, this weekend will mark pretty much the close of summer as I go to CreamFields on Saturday/Sunday and recover over the bank holiday, before then the Serentiy advanced screening tomorrow adds on last crazy outting before that one last blowout. After which I have to take it easy a couple of months so my bank account can recover, hopefully clearing up the last of my more serious debts along the way.

So many plans along the lines of hacking away at code and writing rather then summers out and about missions, and in a way this summer has been a mix of great times out, but I did badly organise a few things that next year I'd like to do better as far as getting together with friends goes.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Software: Thanks for Nothing Norton

Getting a new PC from dell after running my old one for about 6 years was something of a rush, in part, but once I first got it running been greated with no less then 3 errors from Norton Internet Security each time a user logged in was a bit of a let down.

No problem I though, surely a quick set of updates will allow it to sort it's self out. So 4 hours on my modem downloading 31 windows update patches, another hour or so downloading virus definitions and I was hopeful the problem would resolve it's self. - But it didn't, in fact, as I was installing other programs, I was riddled with things just stalling without any sign of life, no errors, just stopping. Even IE and Firefox would give up doing day to day tasks, so it was clear something wasn't right.

So my first thing to try was to stop Norton from running, on a hunch (There was nothing else running, and so Norton's firewall and virus scanning was a likely candiate to interfearing with the way other applications are running) and right away, everything started running much more happily. The next step of disconnecting from the internet, uninstalling Norton, turning on the Windows Firewall and installing FreeAVG got me up and running error and load free.

I don't have any hard and fast reasoning as to why Norton was causing the problems, it's all a bit circumstansial really, and if I had paid of the software rather then just getting the 3 month trial, I would have been alot more miffed then I was. But a quick look on Google seemed to surgest that I'm not the only person to have trouble with it, so I'm in now hurry to give it another try. I've seen a few comments about how AVG Free Edition might not be the best anti-virus around, but I keep all my software up to date, any emails get screened by the email provider on top of the local scanning anyway, and once I get broadband, I'll have additional firewalling via my router. So I'm not too troubled about the security of my system now, and everything actually feels like it's running like a new PC should.

Back into the Blogging Habit

After a couple of weeks holiday, I’ve found after an inital peek of Blogging, I’ve lapsed back into bad habbits – My 43things posts have helped quiet a bit, but even they have dropped off from the inital fluid rush.

Now I’m back in work, and the new PC at home is just about at the stage where I’m happy with the setup. (Downloading updates and patches via a modem is not the best way to take advantage of a new system, but broadband wont be for a couple of weeks still).

So I need to sit back and take a look at what I’ve been doing with my blog, what I like, what I want to change, and get into a more regular pattern. I’d really like to start doing a post in the morning and then a couple in the evening, with one of them each day been something a bit more substantial the 43things driven posts.

Right now though, I can’t see me actually getting up early enough to post in the morning, but two in the evening I can do, and depending on work I might be able to make an extra post during the day.