Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Happyism Number 5.

After toying with the idea for some time, been at a relaxing and more social festival this weekend I took a fair amount of time been shown how to use Poi, and watching others doing it.

So, with a lot of practice I’m now really getting the hang of it, and since I’m enjoying it so much, I’ll spin it into Happyism Slot Number 5: Spinning Poi.

Spinning Poi seems to be one of those things that isn’t all the difficult, if you keep practicing it. Luckly, my backyard is just big enough to let me do a fully outstreached move, I need to keep doing it though, since my arms are feeling the strain if I want to become really good, rather then just doing some basic moves over and over, all I need now is to arrange some way of getting some music into the back yard, so I can listen while I spin. My only major trouble right now is my left hand is alot less agile then my right, but then I’d be a little more then supprised if after only a few days I was doing much better then I am.

So practice makes perfect, and keeps me fit, a win win situation.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Poi Practicing Over the Weekend

Been at a festival all weekend, I spent alot of time standing in a field learning poi spinning, to the point now I can do a few of the more complex interweaving moves with my eyes closed, and standing on one leg (Really). Not that I haven’t got a few hard bumps and bruises along the way, but it’s been worth while.

I finally splashed out and got a pair of my own too, which means I have the opertunity to practice whenever I want now, which should be good excersize as a bonus. Plus it was sort a thank you to the couple who were doing to circus skills workshops, since I spent a fair bit of time there, it seemed only reasonable I buy something from them as well. – I didn’t quiet streach to the LED Poi, something I think I might wait for, around my birthday perhaps when the nights start to draw in.

My over all goal now is to get good enough so that by the festival season next year, I’ll be able to start spinning fire Poi without risking to many burns.