Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Gadget: Keyring Linux Server

A part of me is screaming it's all a hoax, but the new Black Dog USB Key Linux Server is an amazing concept. Just plug into the USB port and up jumps Linux, running on this little toy hunk of plastic, that includes bio-metric scanner. It's almost too good to be true.

Of course, if they ship - I want one, no doubt about it, I don't know what I'd actually do with it, in fact, I think my money would be better spent on a VMWare licence, but then buying gadgets isn't so much about praticallity, as it is "wow" factor, which is why so many just sit on a shelf gathering dust.

The most insane thing is the specs... 400Mhz PPC - the computer I'm typing on right now only clocks in at 500Mhz. Time will tell how it turns out, and I sure would love to have a chance to play about with one.

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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Film Preview: Serenity Screening Soon!

Every now and again, my obsessive crawling of fan sites in search of tickets pays off, and last night was no exception - I picked up a small handful for the Serenity Screening in Manchester on the 24th!! I should maybe have picked up a couple more, but it's finding the balance of enough tickets to go around, and what will fit on my card and not leave me with unused tickets - particularly with it been on a school night.

I think I should have enough time to watch the DVD set though once more before then. But I think I'll shy away from even watching the newer trailers, I've seen a few frames here and there, enough to get me really excited about seeing the film, and jumping onto an advance screening is just a huge bonus.

Monday, August 08, 2005

Progress On The Rails Front.

After a painful hour of downloading MySQL Essensialls on my 56k Modem, jumping though the install, and quickly firing up the rails generator scripts for the first table I’ve put into my local database, everything suddenly works!

I’m not sure why it didn’t like working on the remote server – something in the settings, some missing resource provided by the mysql install. And to be honest, it’s enough effort to get my current computer to do anything in the first place, let alone add further pain by doing extensive debugging once something is working.

Tomorrow I have a good few hours I can set aside for pure development work – so I get to see just how easy I can tied a fairly complex table structure into an active web application. Or if all this ruby on rails talk is all hype and no delivery. I’m hopefull, getting a basic form talking to a single table, with a bit of validation is so easy I’ve only read the docs a couple of times, and can roll out the framework and point it at a new table structure from memory. But a full application, with table links, a couple of pivots, and some template tweaking. Not to mention displaying multiple tables on one page is something I’ve yet to see.

If by the end of this week (Well, thursday – another weekend away comming up) I can get a working site like I have in mind done, I will be truely impressed.

Back From A Weekend Wedding.

I'm back to the semi-normality now, still on holiday, but at home once more after a weekend in the lake district for a friends wedding.

All in all a very relaxing get away, several nice meals in interesting places - Although I did sustain a toast related injury to my tounge, which I still can't quiet belive, basically stabbing my self with a particularly crispy bit of crust, cutting my tounge, and having a nice blend of garlic vinigar sting it like hell.

The wedding was great fun, and was the first I've been to since I was a child. I now realise that it wasn't just because I was young that they seem so confusing and disorganised, but in fact that no one really knows whats supposed to happen at a wedding. It's all ad-hoc, sure they key elements are planned, but there is no master plan, it all just sort of happens, everyone relying on memories of other weddings as to what is supposed to happen when. Sure I guess if you hire a wedding planner or some such fad you avoid that, but there is an element of true acomplishment when it's all managed by the family, at each stage certain officials guide things along, but been friends rather then family, you get the advantage of sitting back and just enjoying the whole thing, where as family tend to be more invloved and fretting about what is the right thing to do along the way.