Tuesday, July 26, 2005

On the Road to Getting Things Done.

Much of the problem of Getting Things Done is that it starts of really easy, you read the book, you write a few lists, cross of the things you do right there and then. “Wow, this is great, I’m doing so much!” you think, and then you leave it a little while, the list grows out of date, some stuff is done, new things should have been added. The mess is just same as it used to be, only now you’ve seen the light and know that things could be better, if only you had the time to really get things sorted.

So my next action now is to really get into GTD full on, in particular pick up 43 file partitions for my Tickler File. Since that’s one of the parts that is more difficult to avoid, lists can be flexible, as can an inbox, but if I have tickler file in place, I can use it as a focus point. (And satisfy my stationary fetish at the same time, Mmmmm folders…)

Monday, July 25, 2005

Happyism Number 3.

I’ll write more on this in my Blog at some point, but while I was waiting for my train this one came to me:

Happyism Number 3 is: That I’m free from the moral constraints of any given religion.

Pretty deep? I’m not sure, I think so, but it could just as easily be a bunch of arogant self serving bull shit depending on your take on things.

I totally respect people who are involved in any religion, but as a whole the culture of religions fails to evolve with society around it. There is a lot of good that religion can have in peoples lives, but on the flip side there can be problems as well.

So I live with out religion now, I see no reason to pay lip service to something, particularly when I have clearly conflicting views on issues such as drugs and sex. And I’m happy like this, I live a healthy, responsible life which I’m proud of and I refuse to appolagise for any part of my life.

Happyism Number 2.

Happyism Number 2 is: Organizing Lists.

Perhaps I’m a little Obsesive Compulsive about things, but I do like making lists. And then sorting them, (It’s part of the attraction of Getting Things Done ) it puts an amount of order into the chaos of my mind, and lets me focus a lot tighter then I can if I just let things buzz around in my head, which in turn makes me calm, and when I’m calm, I can be happy.

Not that it makes me the second most happy if you measure happiness by pure joy content, but more as a day to day pick me up.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Happyism Number 1.

There is a certain amount of soul searching goodness to be had in identifying 100 things that make you happy, starting at number 1 it seems a pretty easy task. Though I’m not so sure as each slot is filled I will continue to think it’s so easy.

So into slot number 1 goes: Listening to Sigur Rós.

There is a haunting beauty that surrounds Sigur Ròs, each of their albums has a different feel to it, yet each one paints a picture that you can lose your self in as you listen.

One track more then any other has more meaning to me then any other song; Starálfur. The reasons for which might be held in another post, at another time. But for now it’s enough to say that that song has more beauty within then anything I had heard before I was listening to it for the first time.

Am I even going to use this Blog?

Having an empty journal is just rude, so I feel I should put something here.

Of course, having a post along the lines of "More soon" is pointless, why would you come back and look? It is after all just another blog started by someone on a whim, with little or no real content, let alone enough to make you sit on the edge of your seat waiting with longing to read the next burst of wordwhimsy to be thrown out amoung the countless other angst fuled ravings that make up the word of blogging.

That said, I do have a fair few things over on 43things.com and that's where I'm focusing alot of my "What I want to do, How I'm going to do it" type posts. In theory it can also post direct into this blog, but it might look more like bittyblog, rather then neatly adding an on going narative of activity from that site.