Monday, September 12, 2005

Shifting Poi into the Next Gear

I’ve become pretty “okay” spinning Poi recently, I can pull of most of the basic moves in a smooth flow, and sound like I know what I’m doing by throwing off random names for moves I know from reading some websites. But now I’m sort of stuck, I’ve learnt all the moves I can easily with out some new form of tuition.

That is to say, most of the more complex moves so far have been learnt by reading a website, commiting the actions to memory, go over it in my head, then trotting outside to try and pull it off. Not ideal.

So I’m getting a book for my birthday next month, and untill then I’m brushing up on the skills I have already. I’m keeping a good 10 or so minuets of spinning a day recently, and I’m finding that little by little even the “behind the back” moves I’ve had difficulty with are comming more easily. If a little sloppy or manic in some cases, I keep the Poi moving, and thats the first step – I can tidy things up with more practice.

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