Saturday, September 17, 2005

Printing Index Cards

I’ve been reading sites such as D*I*Y Planner for a little while now, which offer templates and print outs for “Hipster PDA” style planners, usually for 5”x3” index cards, and for some reason I’ve always dismissed these as for so long I haven’t had a printer at all at home, and now that I do, I never some how made the connection that as well as been able to print to A4, I can actually print on to other media such as index cards. – I even started to look for a specific “Index Card Printer” (Which as it turns out, photo printers do the job, if desk space were an issue, or you wanted a cheaper option in a second location)

Now that I think about it, it’s really pretty obvious, but at the time that link just never formed in my head – Now that it has, I can solve the problem of not having just the write format of planner and pads, and put my own together. – I need some kind of case/pocket so they don’t get bent/wet and such, but thats the easy part now I can actually get the printer rolling out my own pages.

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