Sunday, September 11, 2005

Happyism Number 6

I haven’t given much though to this goal for a while, so time to pick something else out of the cloud of confusion that is my mind.

100 things is seeming like a pretty long streached path, not because there isn’t much that makes me happy, but because identifying the hows and whys is more complex. And I want to make each item it’s own entry else well, it’s just a list of stuff which is meaningless to anyone else, and if I look back at it myself, again, it’s just a list. A few hurried words in a numbered list doesn’t really gain me anything. Having to give real though to why I’m putting something down acts as a reminder down the line.

So, Happyism Number 6: Friday Night Drinking After Work

Sure, it’s not the most glamours of things, but every firday night, usually finishing a little bit early, a number of people all upsticks, and head over the the pub around the corner, have a couple of pints or so, and chat and moan about work, talk about the weekend, and generally just chill out to round of the weekend. It’s a good way to relax and just finish of the week, the people who go varies each week, people who have plans later in the evening will often skip it, but everyone knows the option is there. All in all, it’s a good way to just forget the working week, and wake up into the weekend way of thinking.


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