Thursday, September 08, 2005

GTD - From Fad to Function

I spend so much time reading up articles about how to be more productive and organized, I really don’t have time to actually do anything!

Okay, that’s not totally true – but the there is certainly a very particular brand of procrastination that comes alone with ideas such as “Getting Things Done” that is particularly common on the internet within blogging and social network sites. – Everyone clearly has a desire to achive great things, to get the most out of every waking minuet, to free them selves from the stress that the cluttered masses around them is burried under.

But in truth, I suspect most people never really achive it. In fact, I think it’s a fad that will pass sooner or later, and only when the fad has passed will it power a second age of true productivity. There is so much information right now its very difficult to consume it all, and the fact is I don’t have the energy to ’’do’’ anything about it alot of the time, but I can sit down and read about been more productive – after all, it must be good for something, right?

Well, maybe.. But in truth I know it’s not really changing my life in the background I’m slowly and surely preparing to have a system, some days it comes in leaps and bounds, other days I feel like it’s not working and try something else. Each article I read prompting another change, or not depending on if I agree with the surgestions, or think they are just a pipe of rubbish.

At some point, I will find my self with a system I am happy with, it will have evolved into another failed system that captures only a moment of my time, and I’ll stop reading the articles with such hunger for that magic solution, and finally settle into Getting Things Done my way.


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