Wednesday, August 03, 2005

Upcomming Gig: Sigur Rós - Liverpool, Philharmonic Hall

After seeing Sigur Rós in Manchester not so long ago at the Lowry, I hadn't hoped to have another chance of seeing them for a long time to come - the Gig then was as amazing as I had hoped. So when I discovered they had anounced more dates, but I had missed the chance for tickets because while normally I check the news on daily, a busy week at work had left me no chance to do so.

Yet some how, even with the fact that tickets had been and gone, or so I though my brother phoned me up last night to ask if I wanted tickets for the second leg of the tour, this time in Liverpool, to which I of course said yes. I still wasn't actually expecting him to be able to get any, and I'm still almost waiting for him to come back and say it was a mistake, he couldn't get them after all - but for now at least, it seems we could get some more tickets, so come november I'll get a chance to see them once again. Something I count my self as really lucky to get to see.

As an aside, I've also pre-ordered the new album "Takk", getting the special packaged version for £14.99 on Play.


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