Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Summers End

The last few months have been really insane both work, and at home for one reason or another, and it seems just as I think I can settle back into a pattern, something else crops up.

But now, this weekend will mark pretty much the close of summer as I go to CreamFields on Saturday/Sunday and recover over the bank holiday, before then the Serentiy advanced screening tomorrow adds on last crazy outting before that one last blowout. After which I have to take it easy a couple of months so my bank account can recover, hopefully clearing up the last of my more serious debts along the way.

So many plans along the lines of hacking away at code and writing rather then summers out and about missions, and in a way this summer has been a mix of great times out, but I did badly organise a few things that next year I'd like to do better as far as getting together with friends goes.


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