Sunday, August 21, 2005

Software: Thanks for Nothing Norton

Getting a new PC from dell after running my old one for about 6 years was something of a rush, in part, but once I first got it running been greated with no less then 3 errors from Norton Internet Security each time a user logged in was a bit of a let down.

No problem I though, surely a quick set of updates will allow it to sort it's self out. So 4 hours on my modem downloading 31 windows update patches, another hour or so downloading virus definitions and I was hopeful the problem would resolve it's self. - But it didn't, in fact, as I was installing other programs, I was riddled with things just stalling without any sign of life, no errors, just stopping. Even IE and Firefox would give up doing day to day tasks, so it was clear something wasn't right.

So my first thing to try was to stop Norton from running, on a hunch (There was nothing else running, and so Norton's firewall and virus scanning was a likely candiate to interfearing with the way other applications are running) and right away, everything started running much more happily. The next step of disconnecting from the internet, uninstalling Norton, turning on the Windows Firewall and installing FreeAVG got me up and running error and load free.

I don't have any hard and fast reasoning as to why Norton was causing the problems, it's all a bit circumstansial really, and if I had paid of the software rather then just getting the 3 month trial, I would have been alot more miffed then I was. But a quick look on Google seemed to surgest that I'm not the only person to have trouble with it, so I'm in now hurry to give it another try. I've seen a few comments about how AVG Free Edition might not be the best anti-virus around, but I keep all my software up to date, any emails get screened by the email provider on top of the local scanning anyway, and once I get broadband, I'll have additional firewalling via my router. So I'm not too troubled about the security of my system now, and everything actually feels like it's running like a new PC should.


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