Monday, August 08, 2005

Progress On The Rails Front.

After a painful hour of downloading MySQL Essensialls on my 56k Modem, jumping though the install, and quickly firing up the rails generator scripts for the first table I’ve put into my local database, everything suddenly works!

I’m not sure why it didn’t like working on the remote server – something in the settings, some missing resource provided by the mysql install. And to be honest, it’s enough effort to get my current computer to do anything in the first place, let alone add further pain by doing extensive debugging once something is working.

Tomorrow I have a good few hours I can set aside for pure development work – so I get to see just how easy I can tied a fairly complex table structure into an active web application. Or if all this ruby on rails talk is all hype and no delivery. I’m hopefull, getting a basic form talking to a single table, with a bit of validation is so easy I’ve only read the docs a couple of times, and can roll out the framework and point it at a new table structure from memory. But a full application, with table links, a couple of pivots, and some template tweaking. Not to mention displaying multiple tables on one page is something I’ve yet to see.

If by the end of this week (Well, thursday – another weekend away comming up) I can get a working site like I have in mind done, I will be truely impressed.


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