Thursday, August 04, 2005

New Zend Studio Supports SVN.

I’ve only had a brief moment or two to play with the new Zend Studio Preview, but the fact if now includes subversion support basically puts the last seal of approval on me using SVN full time. And after my last project at work using it launched supprisingly well, considering there was no formal testing it’s clear that as a source control solution, it does the job nicely.

I just need to find somewhere I can host an external SVN repository where I can access it from home and work, something I could maybe do just by allowing access to my home PC from work as soon as I get broadband in place. But I’d rather something a little more resiliant.

But as a system to use day to day, particularly within a team enviroment it’s just so much easier to use to CVS, I don’t quiet know why it’s better, it just feels like it is when using it, when you try to do something, it usually happens as you expect it to, where as with CVS it always seemed to be a battle to get anything to happen correctly.

So I’m in, using it, and sticking with it.

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