Thursday, August 04, 2005

New Title For Site.

I've done a bit of a tweak to my blog, with a new title "Getting Things Done in Life and Ruby" now that I'm actually starting to use it, it seems to make sense to put a more suitable title, and right now I have two main themes I'm likely to blog about:

Getting Things Done - the organization methodology from David Allen which is really starting to work for me.


Ruby on Rails - A very nifty framework written with Ruby, which I've been meaning to try for some time, and so I've taken the plunge since their is a buzz around it right now and got my self a server set up on Dreamhost, which now I have a bit of holiday time I'm going to be playing with more seriously, and hope in the next two weeks to have something pretty neat, or at least pratical rolled out. Maybe even to the point of pushing my whole blog in that direction, so I have a bit more control over it all.

Hopefully it'll be a sensible change and work for the best.

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