Sunday, August 21, 2005

Back into the Blogging Habit

After a couple of weeks holiday, I’ve found after an inital peek of Blogging, I’ve lapsed back into bad habbits – My 43things posts have helped quiet a bit, but even they have dropped off from the inital fluid rush.

Now I’m back in work, and the new PC at home is just about at the stage where I’m happy with the setup. (Downloading updates and patches via a modem is not the best way to take advantage of a new system, but broadband wont be for a couple of weeks still).

So I need to sit back and take a look at what I’ve been doing with my blog, what I like, what I want to change, and get into a more regular pattern. I’d really like to start doing a post in the morning and then a couple in the evening, with one of them each day been something a bit more substantial the 43things driven posts.

Right now though, I can’t see me actually getting up early enough to post in the morning, but two in the evening I can do, and depending on work I might be able to make an extra post during the day.


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