Thursday, August 04, 2005

An Almost Productive Day So Far.

Since today was the first day of my holiday I wanted to try and start as I ment to go on, and set to getting some aspects of the house tidy and organized as well as sort out everything I need for the weekend away.

I didn’t get off to a great start, but I got into town at about 2, got my hair cut, and looked about a few shops looking for folders and index cards. Unfortunatly, I couldn’t find dividers numbered 1 to 31 anywhere – which I was a bit miffed about, more so when I went to Staples, to find it’s moved to a new location a bit further out of town, so I’m leaving that just for now. I did get a bargin household organizer box at ASDA though, which cheered me up a bit, and prompted me to sort out some of the folders that are full to bursting into more organized sections.

Still, I should have got some shoes, my steel toe capped boots been the only pair left that haven’t fallen apart. But that can wait untill tomorrow, since I’m heading back anyway to pick out something to wear at the weekend and I’m not picky about shoes at all, it’s a case of find the first pair that fits, and buy them.

I think if I can keep going at this rate, even with my weekends away I can have the house in some sort of order, and have much less clutter, without having to work to hard.

Just as long as I do something each day, and don’t waste all of my time, then it’s not a problem, and the more I do, the easier doing more on top of that becomes, once I’m up and going.


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