Tuesday, July 26, 2005

On the Road to Getting Things Done.

Much of the problem of Getting Things Done is that it starts of really easy, you read the book, you write a few lists, cross of the things you do right there and then. “Wow, this is great, I’m doing so much!” you think, and then you leave it a little while, the list grows out of date, some stuff is done, new things should have been added. The mess is just same as it used to be, only now you’ve seen the light and know that things could be better, if only you had the time to really get things sorted.

So my next action now is to really get into GTD full on, in particular pick up 43 file partitions for my Tickler File. Since that’s one of the parts that is more difficult to avoid, lists can be flexible, as can an inbox, but if I have tickler file in place, I can use it as a focus point. (And satisfy my stationary fetish at the same time, Mmmmm folders…)


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