Monday, July 25, 2005

Happyism Number 3.

I’ll write more on this in my Blog at some point, but while I was waiting for my train this one came to me:

Happyism Number 3 is: That I’m free from the moral constraints of any given religion.

Pretty deep? I’m not sure, I think so, but it could just as easily be a bunch of arogant self serving bull shit depending on your take on things.

I totally respect people who are involved in any religion, but as a whole the culture of religions fails to evolve with society around it. There is a lot of good that religion can have in peoples lives, but on the flip side there can be problems as well.

So I live with out religion now, I see no reason to pay lip service to something, particularly when I have clearly conflicting views on issues such as drugs and sex. And I’m happy like this, I live a healthy, responsible life which I’m proud of and I refuse to appolagise for any part of my life.


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