Sunday, July 24, 2005

Am I even going to use this Blog?

Having an empty journal is just rude, so I feel I should put something here.

Of course, having a post along the lines of "More soon" is pointless, why would you come back and look? It is after all just another blog started by someone on a whim, with little or no real content, let alone enough to make you sit on the edge of your seat waiting with longing to read the next burst of wordwhimsy to be thrown out amoung the countless other angst fuled ravings that make up the word of blogging.

That said, I do have a fair few things over on and that's where I'm focusing alot of my "What I want to do, How I'm going to do it" type posts. In theory it can also post direct into this blog, but it might look more like bittyblog, rather then neatly adding an on going narative of activity from that site.


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